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Updated: Jul 6


Boston University has some of the highest laundry costs in the country at $1.75 per wash/dry cycle. On top of this, BU is ranked in the top 50 most expensive schools in the country. BU Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) is taking on the administration with the Free Laundry for ALL campaign to end this unnecessary burden on the student body.

The issues we see with the current laundry system at BU are as follows:

  1. For many less-affluent students, having fewer clothes necessitates more frequent washing. Thus, a poorer student pays more for laundry than their wealthier peers.

  2. Bearing in mind the COVID-19 health crisis, our top priority should be making sure that we are not re-using dirty masks and are washing sheets and clothes regularly. The cost of laundry is a safety issue that BU needs to address.

  3. Other colleges already provide free laundry to their students. BU is a non-profit, yet it makes its students pay for $1.75 per laundry cycle on top of tuition and room and board fees. If other, smaller schools can afford to cover the costs of student laundry, why can’t BU do the same?


The first phase of this campaign has been compiling an email list by means of social media and flyers around campus. This has been incredibly successful, and we have signed up over 1000 people who are willing to fight for Free Laundry for ALL.

The second phase is to use this email list to mobilize every participant as an organizer. By encouraging each of them to sign up a few of their friends, we plan to grow our email list by at least 50%. In addition, we will be working to accumulate endorsements from other organizations at Boston University, reaching out to hundreds of clubs in order to create a united front of students prepared to use solidarity and collective action to fight for our common goal.

Over winter break YDSA will not slow down. We will be writing literature, promoting our cause on social media, and lobbying for support throughout the University. We will also be working alongside members of the Student Government to pass a resolution demanding that the University follow through on our demands.


Our first demand from the administration is an audit of Boston University’s expenses and profits incurred from laundry. Second, we plan to sit down with the administration, cite widespread support from the student body and demand they create a system to provide all students with free laundry services.

How To Get Involved:

If you haven’t already, fill out this Google form to sign up for our email list. Next, if you have an interest in helping us put up posters, email BU YDSA at If you are a member of a BU organization, it would be incredible if your organization could send us an email indicating that you are endorsing the campaign.

More information will come in the spring semester, and we'll need an enormous amount of inspired, excited, and ambitious activists prepared to fight together for a more equitable laundry service.

Stand with us for free laundry.

-Young Democratic Socialists at Boston University

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