BU student government officially endorses BU YDSA’s Laundry for All campaign

Updated: Jul 6

During a BU Student Government (StuGov) Senate meeting Feb. 7, a vote decided that YDSA officially has an endorsement from Boston University's Student Government (StuGov) for the Laundry for All campaign. YDSA general member Vivian Dai, YDSA President Anthony Buono, and YDSA Action Coordinator Arlo Hatcher presented an endorsement bill to the senate, and a final vote tally of 29 to 4 (with 3 abstentions) decided that YDSA will have the support of StuGov in this fight.

Of course, this resolution did not pass without thorough questioning from various senators. Senators raised questions pertaining to practical effects of the campaign if its ends were met. One senator showed concern over the possibility of BU raising its tuition to try and compensate for the income lost from their current laundry scheme; another asked about possibly needing a transitionary period between the current system and an ideal one. These considerations are certainly important to consider when moving forward with our campaign, and our representatives assured the senate that these considerations would be specifically addressed in the meeting with BU administration.

This victory stands as yet another example of the power and importance of coalition building. With a student-led movement like this, the most vital element is gaining the trust and support of other student organizations as we have accomplished. The more voices from varied backgrounds we can coalesce behind our common interest, the more we can demonstrate to the BU administration that the voices of their students cannot be ignored for profit’s sake. StuGov’s endorsement places them alongside our comrades in BU College Democrats, The Environmental Student Organization, Action BU, BU Student Immigrant Alliance, and the CAS Anti-Racist Initiative, with more organizations hopefully joining their ranks soon.

StuGov’s decision to pass this resolution stands not only as a victory for BU YDSA, but for the whole of the student body, as does the resolution to ensure COVID labor rights for BU library staff that was also passed last night. Our fight for free laundry may not be over, but with the backing of our fellow students, it will be a far more achievable end.

MacLean Bishop (CAS '24) is from Colorado Springs, Colo. He majors in English.

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